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Our Story

Growing up my brother and I would always look forward to coming home from school and enjoying a fresh batch of rolls. Unlike the rolls that you would get from Sri Lankan take-out restaurants, my mom always made sure that there was the perfect blend of mutton curry and potato. My dad would occasionally bring home some store bought rolls, but they would never come close to being as good as Reggie's.

I would bring the rolls to company potlucks and they would literally be demolished within the first 20 minutes. My co-workers would ask me where they can order more but I was reluctant to refer them to any of the take-out stores. So after speaking to my mom about the idea of possibly starting a business and getting her blessings, I decided to start Reggie's Rolls.

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Choose from a variety of fillings:

Mutton Roll

original mutton roll

Beef Roll

beef roll

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chicken roll

Veggie Roll

veggie roll

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P: (647) 982-5266 | E: | Location: Mississauga (Main Intersection: Mavis & Eglinton)

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