Meet our mom, Reggie. She started cooking at a young age and loves to experiment with new recipes & cuisines. She came to Canada over 30 years ago and opened Mississauga's first Tamil restaurant in the 1980s. It has always been a dream of hers to work in the culinary industry, although due to a language barrier it was difficult for her to do so.

Growing up my brother and I would always look forward to coming home from school and enjoying a fresh batch of Sri Lankan deep fried rolls. Unlike most other rolls from take-out stores, my mom always made sure that there was a perfect blend of Mutton, Potato & Spices to craft the perfect curried roll. My dad would occasionally bring home store-bought rolls, but they would never come close to being as good as my mom's.

I would bring my mom's rolls to company potlucks and they would be devoured within the first few minutes! My co-workers would ask me where they can find authentic, flavourful Mutton Rolls but I was reluctant to refer them to any of the take-out stores. Cue the beginning of Reggie's Rolls! With my mom's blessings, my family and I started Reggie's Rolls in 2018. My mom was very excited to share her passion of cooking with everyone.

We now operate as a Tamil & family owned small business based in Toronto and have been vendors at different food festivals around the Greater Toronto Area.

Video by @bli.nc